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August 2013 — Wrangell Island, Siberia

I spent a three weeks on a ship that sailed from an Eastern Russian port through the Bering Straight up to Wrangell Island in the Arctic Ocean.

January 2013 — Yellowstone National Park

I spent a week braving temperatures as low as -40F in Yellowstone. The park is beautiful in the winter when the crowds are gone.

November 2011 — Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica

I spent nearly a month on a ship visiting and photographing some amazing locations at the bottom of the globe.

October 2011 — Grand Teton National Park

This was a quick trip to the Tetons to catch the fall colors.

June 2011 — Iceland

I spent two weeks on the southern and western coasts of Iceland photographing glaciers, waterfalls, horses and birds

October 2010 — Yosemite National Park

Continuing on my national park theme, I spent a weekend in Yosemite, one of the most beautiful areas of the United States.

September 2010 — Glacier National Park

I spent a week in Glacier camping, hiking and photographing the fall scenery.

April 2010 — Patagonia

I spent several weeks on a photo tour in southern Chile and Argentina. I visited Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina and Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.

September 2009 — American Southwest

A friend and I spent a week traveling through the national parks in southern Utah and northern Arizona.

May 2009 — Southern Africa

I vacationed in Namibia and Botswana for three weeks with my brother. We also spent a few days in Cape Town (South Africa) and Livingstone (Zambia).

May 2008 — Mediterranean

I vacationed in Europe for almost three weeks with my brother and parents. Our journey started in Munich and took us to Barcelona, Marseilles, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Naples, Istanbul, Athens, and Venice.

May 2007 — Around The World Trip

The trip of a lifetime! I spent three weeks on a National Geographic trip around the world. I joined 88 other travelers on a chartered jet. We started in Washington DC and continued to fly west until we had visited over a dozen countries, eventually returning to where we started.


Recent Travels

One of my passions is traveling. Another is photography. Here are some photos from my recent travels.

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