Around the World: India (Agra)


India is a big and diverse country, and I got to see only a small part of it, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless. We flew into Agra and experienced the chaos of the Indian streets on our bus ride to the hotel. The density of people here is difficult to comprehend – and something I’d find very difficult to get used to. Our hotel was amazing (every room had a view of the Taj Mahal!), but it felt like a different world from the one that was just outside of the gates. The Taj Mahal is indeed an impressive monument. Many of my fellow travelers said that this was their favorite stop. I think it’s worth seeing, but it’s not high on my list of places to see again.


Photos on this page were taken with a Nikon D80 SLR camera.

High-res versions of the photos can be found here.

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